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Recently I Joined Tiago Forte’s Build A Second Brain Cohort.

published2 months ago
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Recently I joined Tiago Forte’s build a second brain cohort.

It was a dream to join his course, but the cost was too much for me to take a step. But this year, I have been doing things I never thought I would do. I have joined Ship 30 for 30, captain’s table and now BASB.

What is Build a Second Brain cohort?

It is a course by Tiago Forte to learn how to organize information, tasks, and projects to be more efficient in your day-to-day work. Tiago has used GTD concepts (Getting Things Done by David Allen) as the foundation for building a Second Brain.

This course is already impacting work and life, and I will share my learning with you in the coming weeks.

The foundation of the second brain is a note-taking application that you can rely on daily.

So after signing up for the cohort, I was hit by the difficult choice of which note-taking app to use for building my second brain.

Many good choices exist, such as Workflowy, Obsidian, Evernote, Notion, and Roam. Those are all great apps with lots of credibilities. I have been using Workflowy for the last two years, and I know how great it is. But I was not 100% convinced that Workflowy is a perfect tool for the second brain. Writing long text in Workflowy is not as intuitive.

Following is a summary of my options.

Workflowy — It is a lightweight tool. Somewhat like Roam but without connections. It has an ultra-fast search.

Cons: It is not as intuitive to write long articles.

Obsidian — I love that it is free and stores all documents on the machine.

Cons: It is not as intuitive as Evernote.

Evernote — I used it in the past but ditched it for OneNote. OneNote was free, and I was not ready to pay for Evernote. Now I am paying for Workflowy & Notion and will happily pay for Evernote.

Cons: Wired upload limits and many price plans. Also, data is not local like Obsidian.

Notion — I like it, but it feels slow and clicking at rows in a table is not the same as clicking at a page in Obsidian or Evernote or a node in workflowy.

Roam — I never tried, but I am not into information map, connection and discovery.

I picked Evernote as my note-taking app.

I spent the last two weeks picking the best app for my second brain. After so much consideration, I have decided to follow Tiago. I have selected Evernote as my BASB tool for this cohort.

The following are the reasons why I made this choice.

Tiago uses Evernote. I will copy his folder structure, workflow, and system, allowing me to focus more on my project and less on a tool.

Obsidian is incredible. It saves data on my computer, and sync is possible. DataView is fantastic and very close to how I used to write my software code (I came from a programming background).

But Obsidian is still maturing and has a long way to go. I have been a cheerleader of new products but don’t want to mix it with the most important thing I need to do right now: learn the foundation for my second brain.

Notion is fantastic, and I love it as well. PS. I am a technology lover. I can play with tech for the rest of my life and not do anything meaningful :)

So Notion could be an option, but I am confused about when to use the database and pages. It is too flexible, and I will continue wasting time on customization than work.

Another issue is my office network blocks Notion. I work primarily remotely, but when I go to the office for a day, Notion will not work. That may create a significant issue if I am saving everything in Notion. Evernote keeps a local copy.

Workflowy has been my love for the last two years. But I miss the feel of a real “Note.” Workflowy has nodes that work well, but I feel limited when I want to write longer content.

So for the next few weeks, I will stick to Evernote and try to do my project using it in the hope of organizing my life. I may move to another tool after the cohort, but I made my choice for this cohort.

What next

I am super excited to see where this will take me. I will share my journey and learning with you.

Book of the week

Building a Second Brain by Tiago forte

For the second brain concept, no one is better than Tiago Forte. In this book, he shares his system to organize your digital life.

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Article of the week

The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information by Tiago Forte

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