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I achieved my goal of publishing daily for 51 days

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Yesterday, I achieved my goal of publishing daily for 51 days.

This journey started on April 23 with an initial goal of 30 days. Once achieved, I extended that goal to 51 days, and now I am extending it to 101 days.

It is one of the goal-setting techniques in which you start with a smaller goal and accumulate to a bigger plan.

You gain confidence as you achieve those smaller goals.

You can apply this technique to your health, relationship, and career.

The same technique can be applied to other areas of your life.

For example, you can set a 30 days goal for daily walking, meditation, journaling, writing love notes for your partner, 20 minutes of daily reading, 30 minutes of learning new skills, and so much more.

Extend your goal once you achieve 30 days.

But pick only one of two daily goals.

Start small.

You can add more activities later. For example, I started taking a daily cold shower in December 2021 and added daily writing in April 2022. I might add another daily activity such as biking or yoga in the coming months.

Smaller daily goals allow you to ensure consistency.

Commitment to consistency is crucial.

When you opt for daily activity, don't miss a day twice.

During my 51 days of daily publishing, there were days when I was extremely busy or feeling tired. In those days, it was okay to write a sloppy post than miss a day.

When you believe in your promise, then you will find creative solutions to keep it.

Join me and pick a daily activity for the next 30 days.

Here are a few ideas for you to pick.

Health-related activities:

  • Cold shower
  • Daily journal
  • 10,000 daily steps
  • 10 minutes of daily exercise
  • No phone for 30 minutes after waking up
  • No screen time at least 30 minutes before sleeping

Career growth-related activities:

  • Read 30 minutes every day
  • Spend 30 min learning a new skill
  • Engage with someone in your company or on LinkedIn
  • Use LinkedIn Learning (or similar) every day for 20 min

Daily activity promotes consistency and creates lifelong habits. You can achieve an unimaginable outcome through small everyday actions.

I urge you to try it.

Book of the week

Atomic Habits by James Clear ​

In this book, James shares his approach to building new habits.

James got hit by a baseball and paralyzed when he was a teen. He shared how he recovered and rebuilt himself by 1% improvements.

You will learn the science & psychology behind the habit.

App of the week

I recently tried Everyday and loved it. You can give it a try.

But you can use any habit tracking app to checkmark the day after completing your daily activity. Crossing each day will provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

For me, it was the "publish" button.

You can also use a habit tracker I prepared for you - Habit Tracker 2022.png | Habit Tracker 2022.pdf. Please print a copy, stick it on a wall and checkmark it daily.

Habit Tracker

Please keep it simple so you can focus more on your daily activity, not technology.

That's all for today.

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